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PowerShell: Get OS Installation Date

by James Fielding 18. October 2011 19:43
Here is a quick, and oh-so-easy, one-liner to see when you installed a machine’s Operating System:
([WMI]'').ConvertToDateTime((Get-WmiObject Win32_OperatingSystem).InstallDate)
The main part of the command gets the install date:
(Get-WmiObject Win32_OperatingSystem).InstallDate
The problem is, if you just run this command, the result is not so human-friendly:
To fix this up, we can apply the ConvertToDate method, which is actually a Common helper method (that has nothing to do with the Win32_Service WMI class). To do this I used /\/\o\/\/’s method of creating an "Empty" WMI class for this ([WMI]''):
Once we do this, we get a nice, human-friendly result:
March-28-09 1:48:54 PM
Happy OS Dating (…judging by the date on my system, it looks like it is time for a reimage),
James Fielding

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