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Welcome to ScioSoft's Community Blog

by James Fielding 28. January 2010 01:15

Welcome to ScioSoft's Community Blogs. The intent of this site is to showcase Information Technology (IT) topics specific to business, as well as the developers who support them.

The posts on this site are from our Business IT System Integrators & Developers who will post regularly, write informatively, and can draw on a wealth of real-world development experience in tailoring enterprise business solutions for the little guy – small and mid-sized businesses.  To test the waters, we’re going to start small, so we’ll begin with me, but we will be adding more contributors as we go along.

Please use common sense when commenting, and follow these simple guidelines:

  1. These blogs are intended solely for articles about business IT by and for small and mid-sized businesses. That means professionals, garage startups, and students can comment -- as long as all your comments are related to business IT.
  2. Feel free to repost content from your own personal comments, and note that Sciosoft Systems Inc. makes no claim to ownership of user-submitted materials. We just want to highlight great writing about business IT. That said, you may not post material you did not write, or that you do not have full permission to reprint.
  3. Please refrain from posting inappropriate comments that will later be removed. Use your best judgment, and please steer clear of pornographic imagery or excessive profanity; the line should be pretty clear in most cases! In addition, we would ask that your comment does not wholly advertise products or services at the exclusivity of anything else. Our goal is absolutely not to modify or censor material, but illegal or highly objectional content will be necessarily excised.
  4. Also, you should note the blogs disclaimer that can be found at the bottom of the right hand column under “Disclaimer”. It reads, “The opinions expressed herein are the personal opinions of the contributors and do not necessarily represent the views of Sciosoft Systems Inc.” Although these blogs are located on ScioSoft’s servers, the content is not necessarily reviewed, verified or certified by Sciosoft Systems Inc. These blogs have been made available as a forum for the personal opinions of contributors in their personal time. As such, Sciosoft Systems Inc. will not be held liable or responsible for any damages or costs incurred by acting on inaccurate or incorrect information posted on this site.

By combining ScioSoft’s existing position as a leading Business IT Systems Integrator with the many industry insiders and business owners already publishing their own thoughts about business IT, we believe ScioSoft’s Community Blogs will help open new lines of communication and discussion among the community. Please consider helping us achieve that goal!

Thanks for your interest,

James Fielding

Sciosoft Systems is a Canadian web design & development company based in Muskoka, which is in central Ontario. We provide ASP.NET website & Windows Server application development services to small and medium-sized business, as well as local government and not-for-profit groups. If you have a website project you’d like to discuss, please visit us at

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Fatcow Review
Fatcow Review United States
2/21/2010 6:58:55 PM #

Should I get a Dedicated Hosting? At the moment I am using godaddy but they keep disabling my account because of high server load. Im getting about 2,000 unique views a day. What brand should I get?

ScioJim Canada
2/22/2010 4:44:40 AM #

The decision to go to dedicated hosting is really case-specific, so without digging into your details, I can’t comment directly on your situation. But in general, going to dedicated hosting gives you more control over the server, but not necessarily more bandwidth. It sounds like your account has a monthly bandwidth limit, and you’re going over it. If I was you, and I was otherwise happy with my current hosting provider, then I’d start by picking up the phone and calling their sales department, explain my situation, and see what they can do for me. Of course they’ll try to up-sell you, but it gives you a good starting point.

web directory
web directory United States
2/22/2010 12:15:58 PM #

Have you thought about adding some sort of bookmarking buttons or links on blog posts?

ScioJim Canada
2/25/2010 4:58:23 AM #

Are you referring to social bookmarking sites like , and ? Let me know if this is what you mean. To this point, we had not considered anything like this, but if readers find this useful, then we’ll look into it.

3/2/2010 11:15:31 AM #

You wanted Bookmarks? You've got them!


Google optimizacija
Google optimizacija Slovenia
2/25/2010 5:20:45 PM #

Are you publishing your own articles? Or getting them from any other sources?

ScioJim Canada
2/26/2010 3:24:47 AM #

The inspiration behind this blog is to provide a forum for ScioSoft staff to share their personal experiences on topics that they are working on or find interesting. So the short answer is that these posts are original articles. Of course, the reality is that most of these posts are on technical topics, and we’re obviously not responsible for single-handedly devising the coding techniques or developing the underlying frameworks that make these topics work.


debt consolidation loans
debt consolidation loans United States
2/27/2010 2:41:15 AM #

Have your thought about adding some social bookmark buttons to your website site? You should at least add one for Digg so we can digg you up!

ScioJim Canada
3/2/2010 11:15:03 AM #

You wanted Bookmarks? You've got them!


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The opinions expressed herein are the personal opinions of the contributors and do not necessarily represent the views of Sciosoft Systems Inc.