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Google, HTML5 and SEO

by James Fielding 31. March 2011 11:15

To use HTML5, or not use HTML5, that is the question...especially when you’re considering Google and SEO.

There are lots of people on both sides of the debate:


PROS: Moves the semantic web one step closer, which should help my search rankings (in the long run), and some of the new tags, like <video> and <canvas>, can leave users and clients awestruck, to say the least.

CONS: Not a standard, yet... so I risk having my search rankings and user experience ending up in the crapper.


In reality, the risks of using HTML5 boil down to three separate issues:

  1. Google will not rank my site properly, because it can’t find my content.
  2. Internet Explorer users with <IE9 will ditch my site, because it won’t look right, or worse, won’t show up at all.
  3. Mobile users with older devices will have a really bad experience when they visit my site.

We’re going to look at all three issues, and how to mitigate them. More...

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